I currently offer group therapy in my practice. Sharing your current feelings in the group should primarily achieve a better acceptance of your own problems.

The individual background symptoms and problems associated with the disorder are discussed in the group. A reference to one’s own biography and the recognition of certain patterns in experience and behavior, perception, their functional significance and the development of other behaviors with oneself, one’s own life and the environment are the focus of therapeutic work. The focus of group therapy is first to clarify the goals and values, to recognize emotional problems and old traumas, to present a life line in the group, to talk about partnership and its environment, to learn to cope with stress, to cope with possible fears and depressions and to be able to enjoy as well as to become happier.

Due to the following special features in group therapy:

  • The realization that you are not alone with your problems and that others have similar problems
  • The possibility of being able to address things without embarrassing feelings and with understanding in the other person
  • Observing how others gradually get better at coping with their problems

you gain self-confidence and motivation to change. In addition, personal responsibility for solving one’s own problems is promoted and work on the agreed therapy goals is encouraged.